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BoxBack makes your punchbag your personal trainer.

  • •Free phone app for iOS + android
  • •Get a power rating for each strike
  • •Create timed workouts with targets
  • •See how many punches or kicks you are throwing per minute
  • •BoxBack works best with our accessory, the BoxBack Strap.

BoxBack reviews

BoxBack was reviewed by

"I’m a huge fan of the BoxBack system and think that so many people can benefit from training using it."

"The BoxBack system is a very effective way to track your bag work – I’ve been using it to try and increase my output per round, and I can clearly see how many shots I’ve thrown."

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BoxBack makes your punchbag your personal trainer

●BoxBack makes it easy to train on your own.
●Motivate yourself to work out.
●Improve your fitness

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BoxBack is easy to use

BoxBack must be attached to your punchbag to work. You can clip your phone safely and securely onto almost any punchbag using the BoxBack Strap (below and available on Amazon), and then workout.

A BoxBack Strap can be switched between any punchbag that you use. If you are a gym owner you can leave it on one bag for everyone coming into your gym to use.


The BoxBack Strap is a the accessory we sell for using with BoxBack. You can purchase it here for £9.99 using paypal or on Amazon (UK only).